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Sandwich-I love you!

Sandwich-I love you!

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Posted by Grandmother in Sandwiches
24 Oct 2012 | 1617 views

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good It looks like. that you want to take the grand prize

on 24.10.2012, 21:51
Very nice sandwich!

on 24.10.2012, 21:52
When everything is done with love it can only be WONDERFUL!

on 24.10.2012, 21:58
what a statement Grandma

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The second part of the investigation & # 8220Slaves on the land of the mafia & # 8221, on Sunday in Romania, I love you!

After showing the dark side of working abroad and the dangers to which Romanians going to work in Sicily are exposed, the links with drug networks and prostitution, Rareș reveals in the second part of the material the human dramas that Romanians go through, living conditions, but also the separation from loved ones and the tears of longing for the families left in Romania.

PRO TV News Correspondent he wanted to experience on his own skin as much as possible of the things experienced by the Romanian workers. Thus, Rareș was with them at the time of the separation from their families and traveled with them by bus for 72 hours, from northern Romania to southern Italy.

There are people who live a social drama, they only see their children on holidays, and every working day they regret that they fail to return to the country for good. They deceive their children that it will be the last time they leave them and they will not be able to return to the country for good. This report will show the conditions in which workers are accommodated and how they live from one day to the next.

On Sunday, viewers will also see Romanians who have humiliating living conditions in Sicily. They are offered stables, warehouses and former security posts, and they unreservedly accept the shameful conditions. They do not pay for accommodation, and they do not need transport, because they live right next to greenhouses. But they arrive alone, isolated, in miserable conditions.

In addition to the stories of the less fortunate, Rareș will also show the stories of successful Romanians, who managed to put money aside and rent greenhouses, creating their own businesses.

“Not all Romanians working in Sicilian agriculture accept abuses or are afraid to make complaints. Not all of them end up being exploited for a living and an illegal income, in greenhouses. In Sicily there are also many positive examples & # 8211 are Romanians who either wanted to make production on their own, or won the trust of employers, who respect them and motivate them to be hardworking. And, in this edition of Romania, I love you! you will also see these positive examples. There are Romanians who work hard to earn the respect of Sicilians, they are vertical people, who knew how to avoid problems and get out of the confusion encountered in Sicily "- declares Rareș Năstase.

Photo Credit: PRO TV. Photo Editing: MEDIA RADAR


Cristian Leonte talks to Dean Thompson on Sunday at After 20 Years

Avanperemira. The girls from Bambi come on stage "I know you from somewhere" in Cheeky Girls. What are the transformations of the evening? (Photo gallery)

PHOTO Toni Grecu and Jojo, debut for the first time at "Superjunal", on March 1 at Digi 24

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Gabi Jugaru, left South Africa from & # 8220I am famous, get me out of here! Over 2.4 million Romanians were watching the jungle (detailed figures)

Cristian Leonte talks to Dean Thompson on Sunday at After 20 Years

"Follow your happiness and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls" - Joseph Campbell

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Good morning messages. 50 special lines for your boyfriend or girlfriend

  1. Good morning love! Rise and shine! Enlighten my love for you today! I can not wait to see you!
  2. In the morning, from the first ray of sunshine, and until the evening, at the first glow of the star, remember how much you mean to me! I love you, good morning!
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  6. I woke up thinking of your smile, your laughter, your eyes! I just want to tell you that I love you so much! Above all. Then good morning, my love!
  7. Love, you are my first thought that comes to mind when I wake up. Good morning!
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  9. Good morning love! Today I miss you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow! Is it from the heart ?!
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In what signs are women who love too much?

It is said that there are women who love too much. Which cancels its own person, its own needs to dedicate body and soul, and even more than that, to a person. Women who love too much are capable of the greatest sacrifices. The depth of their feelings can hardly be reached or understood by those around them, but unfortunately there is a setback to the cascade of intense feelings that these women feel. The risk of internal collapse is huge. In which sign are women who love too much?

The Cancer woman gives everything and does it without measure. She is capable of great feelings and immense sacrifices, forgetting about herself, her parents, her needs for the man she falls in love with. The sacrifices he makes are colossal viewed from the outside by a critical eye and a cerebral mind. Because they give everything, they have a lot to suffer after the hurricane that burns their souls. And then she retreats defeated by her own immensity of the love she is capable of. That is why it is said that Cancer always takes steps back & # 8230 in fact the Cancer woman retires.

Andreea Antonescu could also participate

The Connect-R and Shift couples will also go to the competition, as well as the one formed by Cuza (Adrian Popescu,) and Emi Popescu, the members of the band “Noaptea târziu”. According to the sources, Andreea Antonescu may be among the competitors.

For now, he is not nailed down, because the artist was left with health problems after returning from "Survivor Romania". Because she is a mother with the right documents, in the new season viewers will not see Gina Pistol. Filming will take place in Turkey, Russia and Georgia, but there will be other destinations, chosen along the way.

Raw-vegan chocolate cake

You don't even have to give up the delicious taste of chocolate if you follow a raw-vegan diet. And the cake below, which does not require baking, is the best proof of this.

Countertop ingredients:

● 100 grams of dates (without seeds)

● 40 grams of cocoa powder / carob powder

● A teaspoon of salt.

Cream ingredients:

● 50 grams of raw cocoa beans (pre-peeled)

● 50 grams of cocoa butter

● 80-100 milliliters of coconut oil

● 50 milliliters of agave syrup (or other sweetener: maple syrup, stevia syrup, etc.)

● 50 milliliters of lemon or orange juice

Ingredients for decoration:

● Frozen berries

Method of preparation:

● The first step is to wash all the almonds and dates well and leave them to hydrate overnight, in dishes filled with water (use a bowl for almonds and one for dates). The next day, separate them from the remaining water and put them in a blender

● Mix the hydrated dates and almonds, together with the cocoa (or carob) powder and salt until you get a paste with a viscous consistency. Use a blender with a powerful motor, as it is Philips vacuum blender HR3752, which can perfectly pass the ingredients, resulting in a homogeneous mixture

● Put the dough thus obtained in the round tray with removable ring (removable walls), even out the dough with a spoon and leave it in the freezer until you prepare the cream

● For the cream, you need to mix all the ingredients from the list above in the blender, taking into account that the coconut oil and cocoa butter should be in a liquid state (so take them out of the fridge at least an hour before you start this preparation)

● At the end, take the top out of the freezer and add the chocolate cream on top of it.

● Add a few berries or mint leaves and leave it in the freezer for a few hours (five to six hours preferably). To serve, peel off the ring and slice it into several slices. The raw vegan cake lasts about three to four days in the refrigerator.


We met Ramona online and we connected quickly. Being a person with extra kg, I wanted to help myself lose weight and I was able to learn a lot of new things from her, but when I found out that she uses essential oils, I wanted to be able to use them too. I am a masseur technician and I love aromatherapy. I love to use and combine oils both for personal use, for massages of my clients, but also for my house. So when she told me about what she uses, I never hesitated, knowing the properties and benefits of essential oils in our lives. Ramona is a warm and loving person, generous and always there to guide you. I recommend with love and confidence.

I met Ramona due to totally different circumstances from everything that the world of essential oils would mean. But as Ramona, metaphorically speaking, is and emanates essential oils, I came to know them. My stomach hurt for a lifetime, against the background of stress and maybe sometimes chaotic diet, and everything that the drugs didn't do in a lifetime "solved" my problem with a mixture of oils. And now I can say with my heart that it's like I was reborn. Because essential oils and everything that means organic, actually act directly on the state of mind. We are created to be one with nature, and nature nourishes us and restores our health. And now I can say that Ramona is a blessing of my life changing for the better. I warmly recommend it.

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3 Strong Prayers of Thanksgiving:

Blessed Virgin, Most Pure Mother of God, Thank you for being our Good Mother, Loving and Quick Helper! Thank you for all Your miraculous icons and for all the Grace that flows through them! Thank you Mother for all Your holy communications, for your health, for your help, for your care as a Loving Mother towards us all! Thank you for not letting us fall prey to evil, but for protecting and covering us under Your Holy Cover! Forgive me, Mother, for my many sins, and please help me to repent of all my mistakes in this life! Thank you for praying for us and leading our prayers to God to help us move from this life to eternal life! Thank you, Mother, for praying for the return to faith of those in my family, but also of those who seek God and have not yet found Him! Thank you Mother for your care for your Mother, for your holy love and for all your help! And I love You, I praise You and I thank You for everything! Amen!
Prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings received from God

Lord, Jesus Christ, our God, God of all mercy and mercy, Who have immeasurable mercy, unspeakable and inadequate love for people, now falling to Your glory, with fear and trembling, I bring to You thanks for the good deeds you have given me deserving of me, Your unworthy servant.
I praise you, I praise you and I sing to you like a Lord, Master and Good Worker. And again falling before You, I thank You and humbly pray to Your immeasurable and unspeakable mercy as from now on to give me good deeds, to increase in the love of You and my neighbor. Deliver me from all evil and trouble. Give me peace. And it entitles me that in all the days of my life I always bring thanks to You and speak and sing the best to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.
Prayer of thanks for the help received from Saint Ephraim
January 3

Holy Great Martyr Ephrem, my faith is weak, my heart is poor, my mind is scattered and I am unworthy of your help but great is your love for all the people who call you for help. Thus deserving of your good deeds, I humbly and piously fall before you, I worship and with unclean lips I kiss your icon with gratitude and thank you that you did not overlook my requests, but, as usual, you -You quickly showed help.

You helped me, Saint Ephraim, when hard trials and fear overwhelmed me, and now the saint receives my thanks, gratitude and love, as of an unworthy slave. As you have fulfilled my requests, strengthen me to keep God's commandments. As you did not hesitate to save me from trouble and to heal my body, you did not hesitate to cleanse my soul of all uncleanness. Enlighten me, Saint Ephraim, with your prayers, not to put my hope in people, in my mind or in the health of my body, lest I be ashamed. And because I am defiled and enslaved to passions, and I have no boldness toward God, please, my Holy One, that as you have helped me hitherto, be my supporter, with your prayers to Christ God, or how many times the storm of temptation will come upon my soul.

Please protect with your prayers also the servants of God (the name), all those who asked me to pray for them, all the sick, afflicted or tempted, all those who need your help, and all the faithful people. Amen.

Sandwich-I love you! - Recipes

Hello my dears,
If you've been following me for a long time, you know that I love spinach and that it includes it in all sorts of recipes. From breakfast (yes, you read that right) to energy drinks and even dishes
main for lunch or dinner.
And you know what's the coolest thing about spinach? That you don't need to have a vegan diet to include it in your diet, as it is a top choice in all restaurants in the world.
Before I give you 3 delicious spinach recipes, I want to tell you a little about why spinach is a superfood and what are the benefits of spinach.

I searched the internet for more information about spinach and came across this interesting information that I really wanted to share with you.
Did you know that

  • Spinach has a history of thousands of years, being first cultivated in the Middle East (Persia) and brought to China, and then, hundreds of years ago, to Europe?
  • In the ‘30s did spinach start to gain maximum popularity due to the cartoons with Popeye the Sailor?
  • Is it currently a place of honor in most traditional European cuisines?

If you have other interesting information about spinach, leave me in the comments, I really find it interesting that an ingredient included in all kinds of dishes has a history of thousands of years.

Nutritional information (source here)

* for 100 grams of raw spinach

7 benefits of spinach

  1. Fresh spinach contains many vitamins and nutrients needed by our body
  1. Spinach helps maintain eye health

Spinach is rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, which are the carotenoids responsible for color in some vegetables.

Spinach reduces muscle stress by strengthening muscle tissue. The body recovers faster after a demanding workout due to magnesium and zinc.

Spinach calcium also helps the health of the bone system, especially to protect the collagen structures in the bones.

The minerals found in spinach are beneficial both for pregnant women and for the postnatal period and for children in development.

Free radicals are by-products of metabolism. They can cause oxidative stress, which triggers accelerated aging and increases the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Spinach contains antioxidants that fight oxidative stress and help reduce the damage it causes.

With a very low intake of calories and fat and being rich in extremely nutritious soluble fiber, spinach helps you lose weight more easily and gives you a feeling of satiety.

3 delicious spinach recipes

I told you at the beginning of the article that I eat spinach in countless ways, from classic salads to breakfast recipes. In my book, Bodylight, where I talked about how I lost weight and changed my lifestyle, I have a lot of recipes that include spinach. I will share with you three of them - an idea for breakfast, a smoothie recipe and a recipe for a main course.

The book can be purchased in electronic format from this link. If you join my Bodylight Plus nutrition program, the book will be given as a gift when you purchase the complete package of shakes and capsules.

Vegan lasagna with spinach and pumpkin

For the pasta layer

a handful of fresh, washed and dried spinach (approx. 450 g)

½ teaspoon garlic powder

2 teaspoons lemon juice

3 teaspoons freshly ground basil

Spices to taste (usually I use oregano and basil)

  1. Slice the zucchini lengthwise into thin strips.
  2. Align the strips of zucchini on the bottom of the deep lasagna bowl.
  3. Add the filling ingredients to the food processor and mix. Put the green composition aside.
  4. For the marinade, put all the ingredients listed in the blender and mix until you have a creamy and smooth composition. Put the marinade in a bowl and set aside for the assembly process.
  5. The assembly step follows: over the layer of zucchini add a layer of spinach filling, then a layer of marinade sauce, followed by a layer of tofu cream filling. Repeat this step 3 times, until you get a lasagna.
  6. Put in the hot oven at 200 degrees C for 30 minutes.
  7. Cut into slices and serve!

The green heart smoothie

1 handful of fresh spinach

½ frozen mango or ½ frozen pineapple

1 tablespoon spirulina powder

1 cup almond milk or coconut

  1. Add all ingredients to blender
  2. Stir until soft
  3. Serve it in a tall glass, garnished with fresh mint or a slice of cucumber.

Smoothie bowl emerald

1 frozen banana, sliced

extra for serving

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds

  1. Add the spinach, almond milk, banana, avocado, ice and 1 tablespoon of agave in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous composition.
  2. Pour the mixture into a bowl and add raspberries, kiwi, chia seeds, mango, pomegranate

What other favorite recipes with spinach do you have? Tell me in the comments!

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Becoming vegan and adopting a plant-based diet is the decision for which [& hellip]

Hi, my dears, If you've been following me for a long time you know I love [& hellip]

I started practicing Yoga almost 5 years ago when I was in a very moment [& hellip]

An Actress, Writer, Philanthropist, and a well balanced life enthusiast that.

I don’t believe in coincidences. If you’ve arrived here, I genuinely trust that the UNIVERSE has led you here in-order for you to change “something” in your life. Whatever the reasons are for your arrival here, I am very happy that you’ve been given this wonderful opportunity & gift!

An Actress, Writer, Philanthropist, and a well balanced life enthusiast that is determined to help you!

How Eva Măruță is from kindergarten. She started planting flowers to be forgiven

On May 11, Eva did not feel like going to school. In fact, the problem would be old, as even Cătălin Măruță confessed, during a show. Apparently the problem was with a colleague who treated her badly. It seems that things have not been resolved, because Eve has decided to choke again.

Of course, her father was upset, so the young woman started planting flowers in the garden to be forgiven. Eva filmed herself and sent the video to Măruță, who uploaded it on Instagram. "Daddy! Look, I made all these flowers for you, because I realized you were upset. Look how much more I have to plant! And I have the land here too and I can't wait to plant them all. Know that it is a very beautiful activity. And I'm sorry, I promise I'll go to school tomorrow. Paaa, I love you! By mommy! ”, Said Eva, in the most adorable way possible.

"I received this message today from Eva, because she did not want to go to kindergarten. But tomorrow he promised to work. Believe it or not? ”, Was Măruță's reply. We don't know exactly if Eva should be believed or not, but the little girl is definitely adorable, and that brings her a few extra points.

Video: Sandwich (February 2023).