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Shaorma la Lipie

Shaorma la Lipie

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Hi, I made Shaorma at home and it's delicious.

I found it delicious!

  • Tortilla Wraps
  • Fries
  • fried chicken breast
  • maize
  • Red cabbage
  • carrot
  • fresh onions
  • iceberg salad
  • pepper
  • garlic mayonnaise

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

HOW TO PREPARE Shaorma recipe for Lipie:

Fry the potatoes and fry the marinated chicken breast in spices.

Meanwhile, wash and slice the vegetables.

We make garlic mayonnaise from an egg with oil, and of course the indispensable garlic.

Put the tortilla sheet in a plate, grease with mayonnaise and fill with meat.

Add the vegetables.

We close Shaorma as in the video:

We enjoyed the delicious shaorma.

Shaorma recipe with chicken


Method of preparation

Cut the chicken breast into slices, then marinate in a mixture of cumin powder, paprika, olive oil and 3, 4 tablespoons lemon juice. Leave to marinate overnight or at least one, two hours. Fry the chicken breast in the grill pan, and after it has cooled, cut it into thin strips. The mayonnaise is prepared as follows: put the two yolks in a bowl, mix with a teaspoon of mustard, then pour the oil into a thin thread, stirring constantly. At the end, it is thinned with a little water. At the end, add the crushed garlic.

To mount the dish, heat the stick on the grill, then place in one of the ends slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, mayonnaise sauce and chicken. Roll the stick and serve shaorma with french fries and mayonnaise sauce with garlic.

4 original sticky snack recipes. Today I immediately try recipe no. 3!

If you have unexpected guests, and there are a few sheets of flavored sticks in the kitchen, then you can definitely serve them with something tasty. Sometimes you have the impression that in this bakery product you can pack everything you find in the fridge. To diversify the family menu, the team Bucă offers you 4 appetizing stick snacks. Experience and fully enjoy the original taste of these dishes.

Dishes in sticks

1. Layered pie with cheese


-salt and ground black pepper to taste


1. Mix in a deep bowl: washed and chopped dill, grated cow's cheese with a fork, cheese and cheese given through a large grater, eggs, salt and pepper to taste.

2. Divide the filling in half and distribute it evenly on the surface of the first sheet of glue, roll it into a roll and cut it into small pieces. Do the same with the second sheet of glue and the remaining cheese.

3. Place the & # 8220 roses & # 8221 obtained in a form lined with baking paper, place the butter on top and bake the snack in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

2. Homemade Shaorma


-2 upper legs of chicken

-4 iceberg lettuce leaves

-salt and ground black pepper to taste


1. Wash the meat, remove the bones and cut the meat in such a way as to obtain a layer. Put the meat in a hot pan with the skin down and fry until golden brown, turn the meat and fry until ready. If there is not enough chicken fat, then you can add a little oil to the pan. Cut the chicken into thin slices.

2. Prepare the sauce. Mix in a deep bowl: cream, butter, washed and chopped parsley and garlic given through the press. If desired, you can add a little salt and pepper.

3. Wash the cucumbers and tomatoes and cut the vegetables into cubes, add a pinch of salt.

4. Heat the sheets of glue in a dry pan, put 2 lettuce leaves on top, grease them with half a sauce, put 1/2 chicken and vegetables.

5. Carefully roll the glues into rolls and you can serve homemade shaormaua at the table.

3. Stick with herring


-1 tablespoon olive oil

-1 pinch of ground black pepper


1. Peel the onion and garlic and grind them separately. Fry the onion in a pan with olive oil until it becomes transparent. Then add the garlic to the pan and mix with the onion.

2. Break the eggs into the pan, mix all the ingredients well and remove the pan from the heat. Stir in the egg mass for another minute and place the resulting omelette in a deep bowl.

3. Mix the omelette with mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper. Cut the herring fillet into cubes, wash the parsley and chop it.

4. Cut the glue in half. Put the egg mass and the herring on half the stick. Sprinkle the filling with parsley and cover with the second half of the glue. Cut the glue into small pieces.

4. Pizza on the stick


-500 g of frozen shrimp

-2 tablespoons olive oil


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Rub the cleaned garlic with salt and pepper in a deep bowl.

2. Thaw the shrimp, sprinkle with olive oil, add the spices with garlic and mix well.

3. Place the glue on the tray and grease it with half the amount of olive oil, distribute the shrimp, artichokes and finely chopped mozzarella evenly over the entire surface of the glue. Sprinkle the pizza with the remaining olive oil and put it in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. The thin countertop pizza is ready. Decorate it with washed basil leaves.

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Shaorma la lipie

No fooling around, this is the most Romanian shaorma in the country & # 8230.

small ingredients stick (50g), potatoes (110g), meat (130g), cabbage (40g), cucumbers (25g), onions (15g), parsley (10g), tomatoes (20g), garlic sauce (15g), ketchup (15g ), spicy mayonnaise (15g), mayonnaise (15g), curry (15g), spicy oil (10g) and hot peppers (10g)
weight 500g

ingredients the big one stick (70g), potatoes (120g), meat (150g), cabbage (85g), cucumbers (50g), onions (20g), parsley (10g), tomatoes (60g), garlic sauce (20g), ketchup (20g ), spicy mayonnaise (20g), mayonnaise (20g), curry (20g), spicy oil (15g) and hot peppers (15g)
weight 600g

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Tips for a delicious homemade stick

If you want to get some delicious and soft glues that are easy to stretch and last 3-4 days without drying, you will have to follow a few essential steps. First of all, the secret of the sticky recipe lies in the hot water used, but also in the addition of butter, which softens the dough. Thus, hot water does not allow gluten to grow very quickly, and the glue stretches much more easily.

Butter also makes the glue softer, softer and makes it last much longer, without drying out. In addition, another advantage of this sticky recipe is that you will not have to knead the dough too much. It is enough to knead it for a few minutes, after which you can let it rest, before dividing it and stretching it.

Lebanese, Lebanon - 36 recipes

Lebanese recipes. Lebanese food has always been one of the main attractions for tourists visiting Lebanon and beyond. Lebanese food has managed to escape from the borders of its own country and has become extremely popular around the world. In short, Lebanese food could coincide with the expression "healthy food". Traditional Lebanese recipes are mainly based on cereals, burg (germinated wheat) and rice. A wide variety of seasonings with vegetables and dairy products accompany cereals, and meat plays a rather small role.
Certain ingredients specific to countries other than Lebanon, such as couscous, french fries and spaghetti, have been imported into Lebanese cuisine, but modified so much that they rival original recipes.

Take 200 g of yogurt or cream. Add a clove of crushed garlic, 1 teaspoon of mustard and salt to taste. Or we can add 1 cucumber given through the small saucepan. Interfere.

Fry the potatoes lightly in the pan. We season the chicken breast, salt it and cut it into slices. We lightly fry it on the pan and this one. Separately, cut the cucumbers into small slices. We chop the cabbage.

Once the ingredients are prepared we can shape the shaorma. We put a little of each of the ingredients on the washbasin sheet or on the glue. At the end, add 1-2 tablespoons of sauce. Then roll the shaorma, like the sarmalele, covering the ends. To give extra flavor, after the shaorms are rolled, we can lightly brown them in the Teflon pan, without oil.

Tag: Lipie

For those looking for a healthy shaorma recipe, we have found the solution!

By eliminating caloric sauces while preserving delicious chicken and tasty glue, you can enjoy a healthy shaorma without feeling guilty.

Who brought shaorma to Romania?

"Only kebab and shaorma / It's better than soup", a Romanian song said years ago. Today, the big cities are full of shaormers. However, who was the one who brought shaorma (no. Şaorma in Romanian) for the first time in our country?

The shaorma's father in the Mioritic lands is a Lebanese named Nassar Ghaleb. He arrived in Romania in 1979, during his studies, to study medicine at the faculty in Iași. In 1991, shortly after Revolution, the Lebanese opened the first oriental fast food near the Ștefan cel Mare Stadium in the Capital.

Nassar Ghaleb's dream was to fight the Turkish donor, which had already invaded many European countries at the time. The product was successful and in a few months there was a queue at the Lebanese fast food. The Lebanese idea was taken over by the Syrian, Palestinian and Turkish communities in Bucharest, which also contributed to the perfection of the preparation. Subsequently, Nassar Ghaleb founded the first glue factory in Romania.

Today, Nassar Ghaleb owns several businesses including the Soleta Restaurant near the Modern Beach in Constanța, the Lebanese restaurant in the Dacia area of ​​Constanța, Comfort Suites, the only 5-star hotel in Predeal or the Florida Hotel in Mamaia Resort. Nassar Ghaleb is also the owner of a private school.

Video: SHAORMA DE PUI facuta acasa- KEBAB (February 2023).